Leather MagSafe Wallet for cards
Leather MagSafe Wallet for cards
Leather MagSafe Wallet for cards
Leather MagSafe Wallet for cards
Leather MagSafe Wallet for cards
Leather MagSafe Wallet for cards
Leather MagSafe Wallet for cards

Leather MagSafe Wallet for cards

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Frequently asked questions

How to activate Swopi


How to Swop with Android phones


How Swopi Link works


🔍 Swopi troubleshooting

Does not work on iPhone

1. Make sure the other person's phone is on list of compatible devices.

Your phone model doesn't matter when you share your information with others.

Are you loading someone's Swopi? - You need a compatible Phone
You're giving someone a load of Swopi - You don't need a compatible phone, because Swopi can be stuck easily off your device and it will still work!

 2. Make sure the Swopi you are trying to load using The very top and back of the phone - it's the best point to read Swopi with the iPhone.

3. Swopi cannot be loaded when:
- the phone is in airplane mode
- the device light is on
- the phone screen is turned off
- the camera application is open

Does not work on Android

1. Make sure your phone is on list of compatible devices.

2. Make sure you load Swopi in the middle of the back or top of your phone - this is the best point to read Swopi with your Android phone.

3. Turn on the NFC feature in the phone settings
If your phone is on list of compatible devices and you still can't load Swopi, go to your phone settings and search for “NFC”. Make sure the “NFC” function is on!

Enabling NFC (Near Field Communication)

Important: If the settings NFC does not display, the phone does not support it. This procedure only applies to Android. The iPhone has NFC always factory on.

a) Open the Settings application on your phone.
b) Click Connected Devices and then Connection Preferences.
c) Switch on NFC.

Swopi keeps showing me notifications

If Swopi keeps notifying you, move it to the bottom of your phone. This location is best for both iPhone and Android.

For Galaxy and Note phones, the best location is next to the camera. Make sure and try the best location before you stick the Swopi in one place for good.

ℹ️ General

What is Swopi?

Swopi is a small chip with great capabilities. Swopi allows you to instantly share social networks, music, payment accounts and contact information with the click of a phone. Swopi is usually located on the back of the phone, it can also be placed in other mobile accessories or other places where it will serve you. Swopi can be used by everyone in different industries, in addition, you can customize your own profile to attract not only you, but also the people you will be swoping with. There are simply no limits to the imagination and use of Swopi.

Important: The other person does not need the app or Swopi to get your information.

Have you come up with a unique way to use Swopi? Share with us our IG @ swopi.cz.

If you don't want to share your entire profile, use our unique feature Swopi Link, which allows you to be immediately redirected to any link you set up in advance, without anyone seeing your Swopi account and thus links to other platforms.

Swopi can be used by everyone who keeps up with the times, loves the latest technology and makes long-lasting and meaningful contacts.

What is Swopi Link? 

Swopi Link is a special Swopi feature that allows Swopi to instantly redirect you directly to any link, without anyone seeing your Swopi profile with other links.

How Swopi Link works:

Where should I place Swopi?

For iPhone: Place the Swopi on the back bottom of your phone. If you place it at the top, for example next to the camera, the phone reader will always load Swopi.

For Android phones: As with the iPhone, the best location for Android is on the back bottom of the phone.

For Galaxy and Note phones: Place the swop on the top of the phone next to the camera.

Does the other person need Swopi to share their information?  

No. The best thing about Swopi is that the other person does not need our product or application to obtain your information.
Only a compatible phone is needed.

If the phone is not on list of compatible devices, to share your Swopi profile, use the QR code at the bottom of your profile. Just click on "Generate a QR code for older phones“, Hold your finger on the generated code for a while and proceed according to the possibilities of your phone.

We recommend saving the QR code in the phone's gallery and using it at any time to share your profile with incompatible phones.

Is it possible to share my Swopi profile without carrying a Swopi? 

Yes. Just download the QR code and save it to the gallery.

You can find the QR code at the very bottom of your profile> Generate QR code for older phones> hold your finger on the generated code> save to phone gallery.

Does Swopi only have to be placed on the phone?

It doesn't have to. You can place and use Swopi wherever you see fit, including various mobile accessories such as covers, popsocks, wallets, and more…

Swopi has countless other uses:
- In households, for example, as an information point where your guests can conveniently find out WiFi data via the link you provide
- in restaurants as a link to your food and beverage menu, WiFi information, all social networks and contact information of the company
- in offices
- in cultural centers and galleries
- in shopping malls
- in parking garages
- at petrol stations
- in urban public transport
- in schools
- in public places
- to receive payments
- View smart features like opening Google Maps or the music app when you get in the car

Can I have more than one activated account on 1 Swopi?

Yes. Just sign in to the account you want to use.

How to do it?

Attach the phone to the Swopi you want to link to your account as you normally would. Sign in. In the next step, select the "Pair" option.

Your account is now linked to the new and original Swopi.

You do not need to register again. You can use an account that you have already created.

Will you make me a Swopi to order?

Clearly! Write to us at info@swopi.cz

Is Swopi waterproof?

Yes! When you pour water, hot drink, or other liquid over Swopi, for example, nothing happens to him. Swopi works even underwater.

📱 Compatibility

Compatible phones

look at list of compatible devices and make sure your phone is among them.

Will Swopi work under the cover of the phone?

Yes. Swopi will work through the vast majority of covers on the market, including those that store credit cards. The only exception could be if the cover contained a thicker layer of metal.

Which smartphones work with Swopi?

iPhone: 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XR, XS, XS Max, SE (2020) and all future iPhones are compatible with Swopi.

Android: Virtually all Android smartphones are compatible with Swopi. Visit compatible devices page and make sure your smartphone is listed before you buy our product.

How can I share my Swopi profile with incompatible phones?

You can share your own Swopi profile via SMS, e-mail, or via any social network via a link to your Swopi profile. You will find a link (URL) to your profile at the top of the web browser bar.

Another way to share your Swopi profile with incompatible phones is to use a QR code. Almost all Android and iPhone phones can scan a QR code with their camera.

You can find your unique QR code at the very bottom of the Swopi profile> Click on “Generate QR code for older phones”> hold your finger on the generated code> save to phone gallery.

Does Swopi need to charge?

No. Swopi does not need any power supply.

Can Swopi interfere with the wireless charger?

No. Swopi has no effect on the phone's wireless charging features and will not interfere with each other.

How do I turn on NFC on Android?

Some Android phones have NFC turned off by default.

If you are unable to load Swopi, go to your phone's settings, search for "NFC" and make sure it is turned on.

📦 Transport

How long will it take to receive a purchased Swopi?

We send all our shipments within 24 hours of ordering, and subsequently the carriers usually manage to deliver the package within 1-6 working days. We will inform you by email about sending the package.

What countries are you sending to?

We send shipments to the whole world.

How can I track my order?

You can make your shipment watch here using the trace number, which you will receive by SMS or e-mail.

How fast will you process my order?

We usually send the package within 24 hours of creating the order, but if you manage to order in the morning, it is possible that we will process the order the same day.

Where is my package? You promised to be with me in 1-6 days!  

How can I pay?

We accept most credit cards and you will definitely enjoy the option to pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.

🔄 Complaints

Complaint goods

If you want to complain about the goods, you need to send it to the address below.

- On the copy of the invoice, write the reason for the complaint and your proposed solution (exchange, withdrawal from the contract).
- Send the goods together with a copy of the invoice to:
Pastviny 6/1066, Brno, 62400, Czech Republic

By law, every customer has the right to a refund 14 days after receiving the product.

Up-to-date info with Swopi QR

Swopi devices feature a dynamic QR code that displays real-time information of your profile and never expires

Designed with both style and function in mind, the new Swopi Leather Wallet for MagSafe is the perfect way to keep your Swopi Cards, credit cards, and ID cards always close at hand.

Crafted from specially sewn PU leather, the wallet features strong built-in magnets that easily snap into place on the back of your iPhone. You can even stack it on top of a case with MagSafe. The wallet supports up to three cards and is shielded so it’s safe for credit cards. The cards can be pulled out of the wallet effortlessly and at the same time held perfectly, you don't have to worry about cards falling out.

- iPhone 15, Pro, Max
- iPhone 14 Pro Max
- iPhone 14 Pro
- iPhone 14 Plus
- iPhone 14
- iPhone 13 Pro
- iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12
Phone cases with MagSafe. The case must also be MagSafe compatible.

Swopi Wallet doesn't contain any Swopi chip.

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