Manage your digital business cards from a single dashboard

Manage your digital business cards
from a single dashboard

Boost your lead generation, modernize your teams,
and maximize your revenue with Swopi Business

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Manage your team's digital business cards with bulk actions

Quickly create, distribute and update your entire team’s digital business cards for sharing important company info.

Total control over your digital networking

With Swopi Business, you're the boss. Easily assign, update, or deactivate digital business cards and QR codes for your team. Experience total control and flexibility to keep your business agile.

  • Establish corporate identity
  • Manage card ownership
  • Lock down card content editing
  • Assign rights and roles

Instantly add new team members

Upload a CSV file or send email invites to quickly integrate new employees into your network.

Unlock team insights and drive business growth

Visualize success with Swopi Business by tracking each team member's metrics. Leverage detailed insights and KPIs to make informed decisions that propel your business forward.

Power up your team for outstanding results


Increase in contact acquisition

22 x

Tmes more meetings with potential clients


Return on investment

Real-time profile and QR code management

Swopi Business allows for on-the-fly updates to digital business cards and QR codes, keeping your branding and information accurate and up-to-date.

Surge ahead: gather 300% more leads

Outpace the competition with Swopi Business. Centralize your contact book and unlock the power to view, manage, and export team-wide leads effortlessly.

Seize opportunities: export contacts to CRM with ease

Transform meetings into business potential. Export contacts to a CSV file and upload them to your CRM for streamlined follow-up and engagement.

Go from chaos to control


All your actions are instantly synchronized with our mobile app.


Swopi Business unlocks our premium features for every team member.


Configure team profiles and device settings effortlessly from a single dashboard.

Scale with confidence

Swopi Business evolves with you, offering scalable solutions powered by Google's premier infrastructure. With Firebase's dynamic platform, your growing needs are seamlessly anticipated and met—ensuring your business expands without limits. Secure, smart, and always ahead—Swopi and Google make growth easy.

Our mission

Digitalize information sharing with us.

100% carbon neutral

Our mobile app provides a solution for sharing your information completely digitally and with a zero carbon footprint.

100% ESG compliant

By digitizing business cards, we contribute to the development of sustainable business and ensure a higher ESG score for your company.

5M trees

Switching to the Swopi app can save up to 5 million trees annually, which are cut down for business card production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up Swopi Business for your company can be completed within seconds. With our bulk user creation tools via CSV file import or email invitations, your team can get started instantly without unnecessary delays. Features such as bulk edits, template usage, and card duplication ensure that modifying multiple profiles is quick and effortless, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your company.

When a member leaves your company, you can simply deactivate their digital business card. The digital card and Swopi device can then be assigned to a new team member, or the user can be completely removed from your organization.

Of course, all contacts acquired by the deactivated member remain accessible to administrators through the contacts tab.

Swopi's digital business cards are designed for quick and efficient lead generation. Leads can be acquired and created through up to four methods:

1. Via the lead capture form, which can be activated on each digital business card. This instantly gathers and saves contacts into the Swopi Business database when your member shares their card via a Swopi QR code, link, or by scanning with a Swopi device.

2. By scanning someone's paper business card using our AI scanner in the Swopi app, which easily converts paper cards into digital contacts.

3. Through the Swopi mobile app, when a Swopi user meets another Swopi user.

4. Or by creating a contact in the contacts tab.

No, Swopi Business can only be used with the Swopi app, and physical Swopi devices are not required. Our platform provides a complete solution solely using custom QR codes within the app or digital business cards for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

This enables your team to efficiently share contact information and build professional relationships, whether with physical devices or without them.

Swopi Business is designed for teams of any size, from 5 members to over 100,000 members. We are prepared to accommodate large corporations and multinational companies as well.

If your team has fewer than 5 members, we recommend using Swopi Premium within the Swopi App.

Swopi Business is the ideal choice for your organization because of:

  • Efficient team and business card management through the modern Swopi Business platform.
  • Accessibility through the modern app available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Swopi not only shares contacts and information but also connects you with others, helps you collect new leads, and presents you as professionals in your field.
  • Integration possibilities with CRM systems, making lead management easy.
  • AI scanner for paper business cards into digital contacts.
  • Compliance with GDPR regulations, ensuring the protection of your data.
  • High-quality customer service ready to assist you anytime.
  • A wide range of customization options for digital business cards, allowing you to express the uniqueness of your brand.

Swopi Business offers a comprehensive solution for modern organizations looking to streamline their processes and increase their visibility.

Sales management software is a tool designed to streamline and optimize processes in sales and marketing. It enables sales managers to track team activity and manage their digital business cards.

Swopi Business offers an ideal solution for teams focused on personal sales and marketing. With our platform, sales managers can efficiently monitor team performance, manage digital business cards effortlessly, minimize administrative tasks, and effectively distribute contacts among team members.

A sales management platform can boost sales by providing tools and features for more efficient contact collection, measurement, and optimization of sales team performance during face-to-face meetings, events, and conferences. Swopi Business allows your company to gain up to 300% more contacts during personal encounters through effective utilization of digital business cards and advanced contact collection and management features.

The platform also offers valuable data and analytics to help you better understand your team's performance, identify areas for improvement, and strategically plan your sales and marketing activities. In this way, Swopi Business not only streamlines processes and reduces administrative burdens but also directly contributes to sales growth and enhances client relationships.

Swopi Business helps sales managers quickly and easily establish contacts, collaborate with colleagues, and automate sales processes, enabling companies to close more deals with less time and effort.

Yes, Swopi Business is uniquely designed for sales managers, especially those leading sales teams and utilizing software for sales management, monitoring, and performance optimization.

Swopi Business provides insights into how many times each team member shared their digital business card, how many contacts were downloaded, and who made those interactions.

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