Meet Swopi

Your favourite
digital business card

Share anything with ease

You are in a good company

Join 3,000+ companies using Swopi

Encourages to make more leads and sales


Create Swopi Profiles that look just like you

From custom icon styles to different layouts. Swopi is designed to represent everyone.

Beautiful, small, cool and fast

no fees. not even hidden ones.

All the features included

• Use Swopi Link to share just one link instead of your full profile

• Compatible with iOS and Android phones

• Others don’t need a Swopi or any app to receive your info

• Capture leads and export them to CSV file

• Embed YouTube videos, Swopi Cloud, Private Profile, Dark Mode, and much more

Can I share...?

Yes. Anything.

Social media, contact info, files, custom links, payment apps, videos, music, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and much more...

Sale price€19,90

How Swopi works

If you have more than one Swopi, set them up one at a time

No app needed

1. Hold Phone near Swopi

Turn ON the NFC, If you're using Android

2. Register and pair the account with your Swopi

3. Tap your Swopi to someone's phone and connect

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