Revolutionary digital business card for easy sharing and lead capture

Revolutionary digital business card
for easy sharing and lead capture

Create Swopi digital business cards
for yourself or your team and use them to gain more
leads at events, conferences, and other occasions.

Professionals and teams trust Swopi

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What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is a modern way for professionals to share and collect contact information today.

Digital business cards, also known as virtual business cards or electronic business cards, are more customizable and effective than traditional paper business cards. They can be shared via QR codes or web links, and open instantly in a phone’s browser upon sharing.

They significantly contribute to sustainability, reducing reliance on paper and saving millions of trees each year. Swopi offers NFC business cards with QR codes, which are not only practical but also environmentally friendly...

Why do I need a digital business card?

Up to 92% of people form their opinion about a person or company based on the first impression. Swopi digital business cards ensure that your first impression is unforgettable.

Swopi digital business cards guarantee that your contact information is securely saved in the other party’s phone upon connection, and also allow the other person to instantly share their information with you.

Swopi acts as a smart contact management platform, instantly saving and organizing your new contacts through an easy-to-use mobile application and web dashboard.

Create impressive and always up-to-date business cards

Add and update your contact information, social media, custom links, files, texts, and much more. Make it easier for your customers to access your content.

How Swopi works

1. Download the Swopi app

Create your digital business card for free

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2. Share your business card

Share information directly from the app

Start sharing yours

3. Get your Swopi device

Order optional Swopi accessories and share your information with just a tap on someone's phone

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Discover features of the world's most advanced digital business card

Scan business cards into contacts
with Swopi AI

Swopi AI scans and saves all the details
from the business card into contacts for you.

Export contacts to CRM

Create a QR code and update its content anytime

Download Swopi app

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Easily share your Swopi via NameDrop

Update your
info anytime

Get Swopi Cards for your team

Create custom Swopi

View contacts on map

Measure performance
with advanced analytics

Collect new leads

Add Swopi to your
email signature

Save Swopi QR code to Apple or Google Wallet

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Swopi Business

Powerful platform for teams, SMBs, and large corporations

Want to manage digital business cards for your entire teams and save on time and costs? Swopi Business offers unparalleled capabilities for setting up virtual business cards across your entire company.

The Swopi Business platform is designed as a comprehensive solution for creating, managing, and distributing business cards for teams ranging in size from 3 to 1,000,000 members.

Combine your brand with our technology

Once you create a digital business card in the Swopi app, you can activate optional Swopi accessories with your own logo.

The Swopi app is carbon neutral

Digitalize information sharing with us.

100% carbon neutral.

Our mobile app provides a solution for sharing your information completely digitally and with a zero carbon footprint.

100% ESG compliant

By digitizing business cards, we contribute to the development of sustainable business and ensure a higher ESG score for your company.

5M trees

Switching to the Swopi app can save up to 5 million trees annually, which are cut down for business card production.

Hear from Swopi Users

"A great way to efficiently share your contact info. The website, which you can access thanks to the QR code or Swopi device, is clear and straightforward."

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Hana Yuki - Tokyo, Japan

"I use Swopi as a superb tool for collecting contacts and presenting my business."

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Marek Svoboda - Prague, Czech Republic

"I like the AI scanner and the contacts on the map. They help me while networking."

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Carlos Martinez - New York, USA

"Swopi gives you a variety of options to present yourself. The digital business card impressed my customers.

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Lena Richter - Berlin, Germany


Yes, the Swopi app is completely free at its core. For advanced services, Swopi Premium and Premium+ are available, which you can try for 14 days for free. Swopi does not require a monthly subscription for basic use of our products. Premium and Business plans are optional and geared towards enhanced business features and power users.

Yes, after the trial period, you can cancel your plan at any time. Cancellation is done through your Apple or Google account, where the plan was activated.

No, the other person does not need the Swopi app to access your information. Your profile will open in a regular web browser, which is included on every smartphone.

You can set up your digital business card for free using the Swopi app. After creating it, you can immediately start sharing information using the QR code within the app. When you purchase a Swopi device, you can simply pair it in the app with your account, once it's delivered to you, and your information will be linked together. You can update your information anytime.

Yes, you can activate an unlimited number of Swopi devices for one digital business card. This allows for flexible sharing of your information across various devices.

Start sharing your
business cards
with Swopi. It's free.

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Start sharing your business cards with Swopi. It's free.