LIMITED EDITION: Smart Bamboo Case

LIMITED EDITION: Smart Bamboo Case

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Digital business card and super protective case in one. The Swopi case is equipped with a wireless NFC chip, so you'll always have your digital business card at your fingertips. 

Share your:
■ Social media
■ Contact info
■ Custom links
■ Music
■ Files and much more ...

Exclusive. Smart. Super-fast. Comfy. And designed to raise the standards of phone cases. A true masterpiece that is unparalleled on the market. Prepare for instant contacts sharing. Whoah! Swops. Get ready to:

■ have the desire to meet new faces immediately
■ share contacts, the Swopi way
■ activate that networking mindset
■ take mirror selfies 2x a day

Get ready to share your info in a very, very stylish way. 

What makes the Smart Bamboo Case so special? Let’s get down to business.

✔︎ Made from the highest quality bamboo that grew in northern Australia

✔︎ Others don't need an app or Swopi to receive your info

✔︎ NFC technology ready for action placed under the Swopi logo

✔︎ Hand-crafted
✔︎ Extra non-slip edges on the sides

✔︎ Each piece is unique

✔︎ Used wood can grow freely in nature up to 91 centimeters per day = 0.00003 km / h