Swopi has a plan

By 2030, we'll replace all paper business cards in the world.

Earth won’t wait. Neither will we.

We're reducing carbon footprint

One Swopi Card purchased, one tree planted.


Say bye to printing, forgetting and rewriting. You're going digital


A huge leap forward. Now in your style.

You're in good company

Join +3,000 companies using Swopi

Better in every way

Digital, eco-friendly, contactless, saves costs, makes a great first impression

We can do this all day...

A new era of introducing. The paper business cards are gone! I've used Swopi during meeting with my clients and they were blown away! I made really good impression and closed the deals!

Paul K. - 29/01/2022

"Beautiful, cool, and fast. Two residents from Brno started a business with a digital business card."

instantly share anything

Contact card, social media, email, appointments, calendars, catalogs, presentations and much more

Who is behind the project? 💚 🌲

Two friends from Czech republic. Ondra and Lars

In 2020, they came up with a revolutionary idea. Thanks to Swopi, their customers around the world are sharing their info with others in a digital and ecological way. This allows businesses to focus on what matters the most. Closing deals and making a great first impression. They are aiming high. By 2030 they want to replace all paper business cards in the world. Because why should we waste natural resources when there is a much better and more efficient solution?