Swopi security and privacy


Our servers are located at a reputable partner company in the Netherlands. Our data center is hosted by A2 Hosting, which operates according to the GDPR standard.

For more information contact info@swopi.co

We've been making sharing information easier for individuals and large organizations since 2020. We're constantly developing and moving the Swopi platform forward. We sell Swopi worldwide (50+ countries) and have an exclusive distribution agreement in Japan.

To protect our brand in the long term, Swopi® is a registered trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

None of the employees have direct access to sensitive data. For more information, read our privacy policy.

We do not sell or provide your data to any third party. Your information is totally safe with us.

Communication with the web server takes place exclusively by encryption using an SSL certificate. (HTTPS)

All data on our servers are regularly backed up several months back and thus cannot be lost.

Our services are always fast and smooth all over the world. We check the server load every day and if there is an overload, we would increase the resources to keep our servers running fast and up to date.

Saving data on your own server is not possible. Since 2020, Swopi is a constantly evolving platform managed by digital business card and IT professionals. Thanks to this, we can always ensure our customers the maximum quality of online services provided and 100% data security.

Technologies that protect our data

Data flow diagram

Understand how Swopi works for a better understanding of your data protection

  • Any Swopi device is accessed using the public address www.swopi.co/t/a5c4as1xa … (hash), which cannot be brute-forced or guessed.

    If someone were to try to do this, the firewall would stop them from trying to guess the hash too many times. The link leads to the user's profile, which can be turned off completely in case of theft or the user account can be deleted from the Swopi device in the account settings.

  • The second option to access the data is through the user profile. Each Swopi user has their own profile with their own domain.
    Example: swopi.co/myprofile

    The profile can be set as private and then it's not possible to visit it using the address. If the profile is set to private, it's possible to visit the account only when holding Swopi device nearby a phone or when scanning the Swopi QR.


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