How we facilitated the transition from paper business cards to digital ones for the non-profit organization Czechitas

How we facilitated the transition from paper business cards to digital ones for the non-profit organization Czechitas

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Czechitas is a Czech non-profit organization aimed at educating, inspiring and using new talents in information technologies, and building a community interested in IT. The community consists of more than 19,000 people and in 2021, Czechitas was awarded a grant in the amount of 26 million crowns.

As a modern organization that provides education in the field of IT and uses cutting-edge technologies, it keeps up with the times and leads by example. This is also the reason why they want to represent the digital world without unnecessary paperwork.

“We are innovative and welcome new opportunities. We found Swopi to be a flexible solution that is able to respond to changes. When someone receives a new position or promotion, they can easily change these details in their profile and the changes will immediately show on their account.”

 Anna Mai
Czechitas Partnership Specialist

In Czechitas, they formerly used other solutions, such as traditional paper business cards, which are not ecological, sustainable, and effective. They shared their LinkedIn QR code, which only provided a link to their LinkedIn profile. It was not possible to add a contact card for downloading and share other corporate links.

Sometimes they needed to show a business partner much more, particularly the Career hub microsite or the endowment fund. Up until recently, they connected with others by writing the client an e-mail in which they only provided their contact details.

After a short testing period of our digital business cards, Czechitas saw a huge potential in it.


“Swopi made an instant impression on us as a flexible and operative solution that saves money and the environment as well. We also wanted to have our own visual on cards and use a solution that allows for easy and smooth scanning by any phone. Swopi enabled all of that with an integrated NFC chip in the cards. Whoever does not have a phone with NFC, they can easily read our Swopi card with their camera by scanning the QR code on the back of the card.”

 Jarmila Nýdrlová
Czechitas Partnership Coordinator

In Czechitas, Swopi has been primarily used by people who regularly meet with companies. Its introduction has resulted in a more frequent use of business cards and immediate connections of both parties at meetings.

Instead of a “pile” of several dozens of paper business cards, you simply keep only one in your wallet, and it never happens that you run out of them, unlike the paper ones.

Employees of Czechitas have found the “lead collection mode” very useful. When this function is turned on, you not only share your profile, but you can also obtain contact details from the other party when the business card is scanned. After clicking the button “share your info back”, your partner may provide you their contact details through a form on the bottom part of the profile. The contact details provided in the form are automatically saved into the “contacts” tab in Swopi. You can also save these contact details to the phone directory or export them to a CSV file and work with the data in an internal CRM. This saves a lot of manual work with entering data into the system, and both parties are connected within a few seconds. You may add comments to contacts, so you always know with whom you met.


“We tested the Swopi cards for the first time at the ABSL conference and were met with positive responses from companies right away. With this solution, we come across as more professional, we have good responses, and companies like this method of providing contact details. You can see that we aren’t only keeping up with the times, but we are also showing larger companies the way forward – how to do things in a more sustainable and considerate manner. So, thanks to Swopi, we always leave a good impression at a meeting and refer the customer exactly where we need to.”

“Another great advantage of Swopi is that to scan the cards, you don’t need a special QR reader or a pre-installed application. Finally, we do not have to settle for referring to LinkedIn only; instead, we directly share all possible forms of contacts, including social networks and links to our website, simply by holding Swopi to a phone,” adds Anna Mai.